Best Tourist Places in Andaman, Union Territory of India

Best Tourist Places in Andaman, Union Territory of India

The Andaman Islands are a group of scattered islands in the Bay of Bengal. Andaman is a part of the Union Territory of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Many isles and rocks add the landscape of the Andaman Islands. There are about 26 islets which have human settlement. The lands are richly fertile with flourishing greeneries. Andaman houses many hilly sections with intense green woodland area.

History of Andaman

The precedent of Andaman is dated back to 2nd century by Greek astronomer Ptolemy and again by Chinese monk Xuan Zang in the 7th century. In the later part of 17th century, Andaman was under the hold of Marathas. During the British reign in 18th century, Andaman was used as a penal colony to detain the criminals but later to imprison the supporters of the freedom fighters for Indian independence. Japan occupied Andaman during World War II.

Tourist Attractions in Andaman

Anthropological Museum is positioned at Port Blair. It houses extensive anthology of tools and weaponry used by Andaman tribes. It also includes many snaps of diverse tribes and aborigines of Andaman. The museum holds a library which has cherished the rich past of the island and films depicting the cultural heritage of Andaman.

Forest Museum

Forest Museum in Andaman is to be found at Haddo. The museum showcase the artifacts made out of timber as well as paduak, oak, peauma, gurjan and satin wood.

Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail also known as “Kala Pani” was built in the year 1906 by British Government. The cellular Jail as of now is honored and devoted to the great Indian freedom fighters who forfeit their lives for the sovereignty of our Nation. It is sited at Aberdeen close to Port Blair in Andaman. The cellular Jail consists of seven regions with a tower at the central portion. There were four floors among which the highest floor was used as a watch tower and the rest as prison cells. One can see the execution room from here.


Samudrika Marine Museum

Samudrika Marine Museum is sited at Delanipur in Andaman. The museum depicts the past of Andaman, geological in sequence, natives of Andaman, Archaeology and lastly the Marine life. It is also fortune of rare fish species, shells and corals.

Limestone caves

Limestone caves of Nayadera in Baratang Island are the prime attraction of the locality. It has drawn people to Baratang. The splendor of these caves are indescribable and their strength to endure the course of attrition over time.

Other Interesting Places in and around Andaman     

  • Elephant Beach
  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Corbyn’s Cove
  • Jawra Reserve
  • Chatham Saw Mill
  • Smith Islands
  • Parrot Island
  • Baratang Island
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Snorkeling, Havelock Island

Best season to visit Andaman

The best seasons to visit Andaman are winters from December to February and summers from March to May and Monsoons mid-May to August. Neither of the seasons is hot or cold they are admirably pleasant. During the monsoon season the green suburbs look more attractive.

Accessibility to Andaman

By Road: Andaman has no connectivity via road. After reaching Andaman, the best option for tourists is to take the Andaman Trunk Road which provides access to places in and around Andaman Island.

By Sea: Regular commuter boat services are accessible from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair.

By Air: The Veer Savarkar Airport at Port Blair gets direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai and Bhubaneshwar cities.

Accommodation in Andaman

It is one of the celebrated tourist destinations in Bay of Bengal. Andaman has some fine renowned hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide various amenities and the prices differ from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and contented stay of the visitors. Some high end hotels offers host of world class amenities to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom facilities, laundry facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sauna and steam bath, spa, Pub & Bar etc. List of hotels located in Andaman are as follows:

  • Megapode Nest Hotel
  • Sea Princess Beach Resort
  • Dream Palace
  • Arvind International Hotel
  • Mainak Hotel & Health Club
  • Da Bay Inn Hotel
  • Islanderr inn
  • Andaman Residency
  • Hornbill Nest Resort
  • Hill View Hotel
  • Palm Grove Eco Resort
  • Megapode Camping Resort
  • Sea Shell
  • Amit Lodge
  • Hotel Sahara
  • Sentinel Hotel
  • Peerless Sarovar Portico
  • Jai Mathi Hotel

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