Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Troyes, France, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Troyes, France, Europe

Troyes is situated in the north central part of the France in Aube department in Champagne-Ardenne region. Troyes spans an area of 13.20 square kilometers (5.10 square miles) and renowned for its historical monument, churches and museums in the department. Troyes is hub to one of the most admired fashion brands in the Western World, Lacoste Company and home to some of the renowned personalities in the country.

Troyes is bounded by Arcis-sur-Aube, Romilly-Sur-Seine, Marigny-le-Chatel, Saint-Lye, Piney, Clerey and Bouilly and situated at the distance of 180 kilometers from Paris, capital of France. Coordinate of Troyes are 48.2997° N, 4.0792° E.


History of Troyes:

Troyes was the renowned town from the Roman era due to numerous highways and was the seat of a bishop from the 4th century and remained as the capital of the province of Champagne until the Revolution. Duke of Burgundy in the year 1417, though of making the Troyes the capital of France and during the Medieval times the town was the important international trade center.


Attractions in Troyes:

Troyes Cathedral:

Troyes Cathedral is a religious building was constructed during 9th century but was destroyed during the Norman invasion but renovated during the 10th century is a Roman Catholic Church and a national monument of France is must see monument in the Troyes.


Orient Forest Regional Natural Park:

Orient Forest Regional Natural Park is situated at the distance of 30 kilometers from center of the city is a protected forests and lakes in Piney town and covers an total area of 70,000 hectares (170,000 acres) and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.


Other places to visit in Troyes:

  • Musée d’art moderne de Troyes
  • Abbey of Saint Loup, Troyes
  • Musée des beaux-arts de Troyes
  • Vauluisant Museum
  • Hôtel-Dieu-Lecomte apothecary
  • Saint-Pantaléon Church
  • Saint Remy Church
  • Hôtels Particuliers


Best time to visit Troyes:

Troyes climate is classified as humid temperate climate with warm summers and no dry season and average temperature varies from -0° C to 26° C throughout the year and best time to visit Troyes is from June to September.


Transportation to Troyes:

By Air:

Châlons Vatry Airport is the nearest airport to Troyes situated at the distance of 65 kilometers from center of the town is a small domestic airport handles flights to Nice, Haraklion, Palma de Mallorca, Vorobezh, Marrakesh, Porto and Marseille cities and from airport scheduled buses will run to Troyes town regularly.


By Train:

Gare de Troyes Railway station offers direct train connectivity to Paris, Dijon, Mulhouse and several domestic destinations in the country and best way to reach the town from other parts of the country.


By Road:

Troyes is connected through A5 and A26 from Paris, Langres, Calais and Reims cities and buses will regularly function from major cities in the country. Car, bicycle and scooters can be rented from major hotels in the city to get around the town.


Accommodation in Troyes:

Troyes has some of the most excellent hotels in Champagne-Ardenne region catering to the lodging necessities of the guests coming to the place all round the year. The hotels offer some of the superlative services like spa, sauna, hot water spring bath, steam bath, serve breakfast to hotel mates, 24 hours help desk, facilities for handicapped guests, welcome lobby and lounges, free internet with Wi-Fi connectivity etc and cost from $ 20 to $ 250 and above per day. List of hotels located in Troyes are as follows:

  • Best Western De La Poste
  • Mercure Troyes Centre
  • Hotel la Maison de Rhodes
  • Le Champ Des Oiseaux
  • Le Royal Hotel
  • Chambres d’Hôtes – La Demeure D’Eirene
  • Golden Tulip Troyes
  • Hôtel Les Comtes de Champagne
  • Hotel de la Gare Troyes Centre
  • Logis De France Des Sources
  • Motel Savinien
  • Hôtel Balladins Troyes Confort
  • Hotel Le Splendid

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