Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Surin, Thailand, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Surin, Thailand, Asia

Surin is a province in Thailand, located in the north east part of Thailand is a historical city and shares the border with Cambodia. Surin province has total area of 8,124.1 Sq Kms and most of the populace of the region depend on agriculture and tourism and business for their livelihood.

Surin province is surrounded by Buri Ram, Si Sa Ket, Yasothon, Ubon Ratchathani, Chaiyaphum, Nakhon Ratchasima, Sa Kaeo and Khon Kaen and it is located 450 Kms from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok and coordinates of Surin are 14.8822° N, 104.4922° E.

Tourism in Surin:

Surin is a historical city which was inhabited during the Bronze Age and later this region was ruled by several rulers and during their rule they constructed various palaces and monuments but at present these monuments and palaces are ruined and though attracts thousands of tourists around the world. Surin is home for various culture and arts and clothes produced in Surin is renowned throughout Thailand and several ancient temples and it is covered by charming landscapes and forest region.


Places to visit in Surin:

Wat Burapharam:

This temple is located in the Surin City and this temple is devoted to Lord Buddha and was constructed by the mayor of Surin, Phakdi Si Narong Changwang and visited by local devotees throughout the year.

Surin National Museum:

This museum is situated at the distance of 5 Kms from center of the city and it was established in the year 1974 and this museum displays various historical stuff and heritage of the Surin province.

Phanom Sawai Forest Park:

This forest is covered by three mountains and these mountains consist of temples devoted to Lord Buddha and it is visited by number of tourists.


Khwao Sinarin Handicrafts Village:

This village is identified for its local style of silk clothes in Thailand and this village produces the best quality of silk clothes in Thailand.

Ban Phluang Khmer Ruins:

These ruins are situated in the small sanctuary and it is renowned for excellent stone carving on the huge doors which was constructed by using laterite, sandstone and bricks.


Other Places to visit in Surin:

  • Ta Muean Group of Khmer Ruins
  • Huai Thap Than
  • Prasat Si Khoraphum
  • Pa Son Nong Khu Forest Park
  • Surin Elephant Village
  • City Pillar Shrine
  • Mueang Thi Khmer Ruins
  • Ban Buthom Basketry Village


Best Time to Visit Surin:

Surin is a historical city and best time to visit this site is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Surin?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Surin is Buri Ram Airport, situated at the distance of 83 Kms from the center of the province and this airport operates flights to Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok and regularly taxi and bus services are available from airport to Surin city.


By Train:

Surin is served by Surin Railway Station located less than 2 Kms from the center of the city with regular trains to Bangkok.


By Road:

Surin province is well connected through road and there are number of buses and taxies plying from various cities to Surin province and local transportation in Surin are tuk-tuk, share taxis, motorcycles, bicycles and minivans.


Where to Stay in Surin? 

Surin is bounded by historical ruins and there are only few accommodation facilities in Surin provinces which cost from $ 15 to $ 100 and above per night and these hotels provides all the facilities to the tourists. Some of the hotels in Surin are listed below:

  • Kasem Garden Hotel
  • Le Bien Resort
  • Martina Hotel
  • Surintara Resort
  • Srithongkul Riverside Hotel
  • Samorn Villa
  • Maneerote Hotel
  • Thong Tarin
  • Inlove Surin Resort
  • Oasis Hotel

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