Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Rothenburg, Germany, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Rothenburg, Germany, Europe

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a town located in the district of Ansbach in the Bavaria state of Germany, around 255 km northwest of Munich (state capital) and 530 km southwest of Berlin (national capital). Rothenburg is renowned for its medieval old site receiving visitors from all around the globe.


Geography of Rothenburg:

Rothenburg is spread over an area of 41.45 sq. km lying between 49°22′37.88″ N latitude and 10°10′44.18″ E longitude at an altitude of 430 meters.


History of Rothenburg:

The literal meaning of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is ‘Red fortress above the Tauber’ which states the position of the town on a highland overlooking the Tauber River. According to another theory, the name Rothenburg may be derived from the two German words Rot and Burg. Between the late Middle Ages and 1803, Rothenburg was a Free Imperial City.


Connectivity to Rothenburg:

Rothenburg is served by Nuremberg Airport which is located about 125 km away from Rothenburg and has flights to many prominent European destinations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Istanbul, Berlin and Barcelona.

Buses are regular between the Nuremberg Airport and Rothenburg. Taxi is also a useful option for airport and local travel.

There are also big tourist vehicles available to and from many major cities of Germany during summer season that are cheaper in price and comfort for travel.


Culture and Food in Rothenburg:

Rothenburg is rich in culture and history with many renowned medieval era sites, cultural halls, museums and historical churches.

Some major shopping options in Rothenburg include:

  • Kunstwerke Friese
  • Georg Schopf
  • Chronos-Nostalgiebilder
  • Käthe Wohlfahrt

List of the reputed restaurants in Rothenburg:

  • Altfränkische Weinstube
  • Baumeisterhaus
  • Louvre
  • Ratsstube
  • Zur Höll


What to do in Rothenburg?

  • Walking tours
  • Town Wall tour
  • Night Watchman’s tour
  • Bike riding


What to see in Rothenburg?

St. James’s Church:

Constructed between 1311 and 1484, St. James’s Church is a Lutheran church with two stunning towers measuring a length of 55.2 meters (south) and 57.7 meters (north). The Bishop of Würzburg consecrated the church in the year 1485.


Town Hall Tower:

Town Hall Tower measures a height of 50 meters dates back to the 13th century. There is no entrance fee to enter Town Hall but tourists must pay €1 to get up tower which offers a great view of entire town.


St. Jakobskirche:

St. Jakobskirche or Church of St. Jacob is located at Klostergasse 15 in Rothenburg housing great works of Tilman Riemenschneider who was the famous Würzburg sculptor. The church is in the Market Square’s north.


List of other places of interest in Rothenburg include:

  • Town Walls
  • Burggarten
  • Medieval Crime Museum
  • Imperial City Museum
  • German Christmas Museum
  • Alt-Rothenburger Handwerkerhaus
  • Burgtor und Burg
  • Rothenburg Historical Vaults
  • Spital Bastion
  • Johannis
  • Siebers Tower
  • Medieval Double Bridge
  • Wolfgang’s Church
  • Markusturm and Buttelhaus
  • Franziskanerkirche


Ideal time to visit Rothenburg:

The summer months, especially between July and September will be best to trip the historical city Rothenburg.


Where to stay in Rothenburg?

Rothenburg is famous for its cultural centers and historical sites as well as world class hotels with high class facilities and services. Other than amenities, such hotels also serve guests with a variety of authentic German and international dishes. Most of the hotels in Rothenburg are offered advance booking facility for visitors’ convenience. The major hotels in Rothenburg are listed here below:

  • Hotel Gotisches Haus
  • Hotel Herrnschloesschen
  • Hotel Spitzweg
  • Hotel-Garni Hornburg
  • Romantik Hotel Markusturm
  • Hotel-Gasthof Klingentor
  • Hotel BurgGartenpalais
  • Hotel Schwarzes Ross
  • Altfrankische Weinstube
  • Gasthof Butz
  • Hotel Cafe Uhl
  • Hotel-Gasthof Schwarzes Lamm
  • Hotel Reichs Kuchenmeister
  • Hotel Am weissen Turm
  • Hotel Goldener Hirsch

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