Seogwipo Tourist Places to Visit in Seogwipo, South Korea, Asia

Seogwipo Tourist Places to Visit in Seogwipo, South Korea, Asia

Seogwipo is a city in Jeju Province in Jeju Island in South Korea covers about south part of Jeju Island. Seogwipo comprises of small district and port and it is located along the coast and located close to Mount Halla and Seogwipo city has hosted 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Seogwipo is bound by Sinrye, Wimi, Namwon, Hannam, Taeheung, Uigwi, Harye, Seogwipo National Recreation Forest, Sangcheon and Anseong and coordinates of Seogwipo is 33.3667° N, 126.6667° E.


Tourism in Seogwipo:

Seogwipo is a charming city is one of best locations for outdoor activities and tourists can visit national park, beaches, and mountains and there is breathtaking view in and around the city and tourists can take pleasure in various aquatic sports along the beach and most of the tourists visit from South Korea, China and Japan. Mountains are covered by various trees and tourists can view the charming sites of surrounding.


Food and Culture of Seogwipo:

Seogwipo is famed for seafood and restaurants and hotels in the city offers authentic food and tourists can also get the Korean food in the city. Seogwipo follows Jeju culture and tradition and they celebrate all the national festivals of South Korea. There is not much to shop in the city but there are several small shops and malls in the city.


Places to Visit in Seogwipo:

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall:

This is one of the famed waterfalls in Seogwipo city and this waterfall is bound by cliffs and number of tourists visits this site throughout the year.



This site was formed due to the volcano and there is a cliff and surrounded by water which makes it a beautiful spot to visit and this cliff is located close to Jungmun Beach and tourists can view the amazing view of sunrise.


Jeongbang Waterfall:

This is one among the three major waterfalls near Seogwipo and this is the only waterfalls in Asia which falls directly into sea and thousands of tourists gather to view of the charming site.


Other Places to Visit in Seogwipo:

  • Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
  • World ‘Eros’ Museum


Best time to Visit Seogwipo:

Seogwipo is located in Jeju Island and best time to visit Seogwipo is during the months of November to March.


How to Reach Seogwipo?

By Air:

Seogwipo is located in Jeju Island is served by Jeju International Airport and one of the busiest airports in South Korea connects to various cities in the world.


By Sea:

Jeju is located on the coast and there is small port in the city which serves domestic ferries to Jeju Port and from Jeju Port tourists can reach to various cities in South Korea and Jeju port is one of the busiest port in South Korea.


By Road:

Seogwipo is well connected through roads and there are number of public transportation vehicles in the city and buses ply from Jeju city to Seogwipo frequently and other local transportation includes buses, taxis and cars.


Where to Stay in Seogwipo?

Seogwipo is situated in Jeju Island and there are number of tourist attractions in the city and there are abundance of accommodation facilities in Seogwipo city and these hotels provide all the major facilities to the customers and cost from $ 30 to $ 150 and above per night. Some of the famed hotels in and around Seogwipo are listed below:

  • Seogwipo Hotels Gutin
  • Feliz Telcon Hotel
  • Eileen hotel giant
  • Tropical Hotel
  • New Kyungnam Tourist Hotel
  • Seogwipo Hotels
  • Napori Hotel
  • Queen Hotel
  • The Lions Tourist Hotel Jeju
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • Goodstay Nulsong Parktel
  • Luonto Boutique Pool Villa
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