Dewas Tourist Places to Visit in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India

Dewas Tourist Places to Visit in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India

Dewas is a well known city as well as the administrative headquarter of Dewas District in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated about 154 km southwest of state capital Bhopal and about 36 km northeast of Indore city. The Pin code of Dewas begins from 455001.

Dewas is located between 22.58° N latitude and 76.06° E longitude and is positioned at an altitude of 535 meters. Dewas District occupies an area of 7,020 sq. km. and is bound by Shajapur in the southwest, Indore in the northeast and Ujjain in the southeast.

Kshipra is the main holy river that flows through Dewas and some other major rivers flowing through Dewas are Kali Sindh and Chambal.  Dewas is one of the main industrial hubs of the state houses numerous textile manufacturing plants and wind energy producing centres. Dewas is popularly known as ‘Soya Capital of India’ because of its larger production of soya bean.


Origin and History of Dewas:-

It is believed that Dewas received the name from the Devi Vaishini Hill (Tekri) that is present in the district. Maratha Peshwa ‘Baji Rao’ was ruled Dewas during the period of 18th century and also witnessed for the capital of two princely states of British India.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Dewas:-

The people of Dewas are very cool and have good interest in serving visitors. The cuisine in Dewas varies from region to region. The east and north are mainly wheat-and-meat based, while the west and south are rice and fish dominated.

Dewas has numerous historical temples with top architecture and the natives celebrate festivals in the local temples with great enthusiasm annually. Dewas is filled with different languages spoken people all around the district and Bareli Rathwi and Bhil are the widely spoken language in Dewas.

Dewas is home to numerous handicrafts shops, cotton and wool cloth shops, book stores and fitness equipment shops.


How to reach Dewas?

Dewas has good connectivity with nearby states and major cities of the state through well developed transport facilities. Dewas City Bus Stand is the main bus station in the city and one can catch buses from other local bus terminals also. The closest railway station to Dewas is Dewas Railway Station located 3 kms away from the heart of the city and the closest airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Indore located about 41 kms away from the city.


Tourist places in Dewas:-

Kavadia Hills:-

Kavadiya Hills is one of the major tourist destinations of Dewas built with lakhs of stone pillars in different shapes like rectangular, pentagonal and hexagonal. Also environment near this hill is very healthy and attracts tourists across the state.


Khivni Sanctuary:-

Khivni Sanctuary is stretch in an area of 132.778 sq. km. and was established in the year 1955. It is home to 8 Leopards, 1 Lion, 275 Cheetah, 45 Chinkara, 75 Bhendki, 163 Neelgay and 70 Sambhar.


Pawar Chatris:-

Pawar Chatris is widely popular for its beautiful Maratha architecture. This historical monument was built with full of stunning ancient architecture which showcases the hard works of ancient architects.


Gidya Khoh:-

Gidya Khoh is a prominent waterfall surrounded by an attractive green valley. Plenty of visitors visits during the rainy season to enjoy natural beauty of the waterfall. It is located on Indore-Nemawar Road surrounded by several historical places.



Dharaji is situated on the banks of Narmada River in Bagli Taluk. It is one of the historical places near Dewas houses Shiva Temple and other historical monuments.


Other tourist places near Dewas include:-

  • Meetha Talab Dewas
  • Dewas Arena
  • Dewas Ghanta Ghar
  • Subhash Chok Ghanta Ghar
  • Sayaji Dwar
  • Shukrawariya Gate
  • Chamunda Tekri
  • Kela Devi Temple
  • Sri Manibadra Veer Temple
  • Maa Chamunda Mandir


Best time to visit Dewas:-

The great time to travel to Dewas will be during the months of October to March.


Accomodation options in and around Dewas:-

The hotels of Dewas have the facilities of garden area, conference room, parking area, cable TV, internet connectivity, doctor on call, laundry, fitness centre, conference room, tennis court, air ticket booking and various foods from North India, South Indian, Chinese and Italian. The best hotels in Dewas are listed here below.

  • Hotel Sagar
  • Hotel Shri Khedapati International
  • Hotel Utsav
  • Hotel Amar Vilas
  • Sheeba Hotel
  • Srishti club and resort
  • Vishwas Hotel
  • Hotel Sheeba
  • Hotel Ashiyana
  • Hotel Madni Darbar

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